Drink, swap, return, repeat!

Are you really having the Imapct you intended to have by drinking from an "Environmentally Friendly" take away coffee cup?

When we see the recycling symbol or "ECO" on a product like a coffee cup, it's natural to buy it, bin it, and think we've done your bit for the environment. Chuck it in the yellow bin and we're off scot-free. Unfortunately, when it comes to single-use coffee cups branded "Environmentally Friendly", we're not off the hook that easily. Nearly 90 per cent of these so-called Environmentally friendly cups end up in landfill. There is a disconnect between the marketing and what becomes of a single-use cup which claims to be recyclable, bio-friendly, biodegradable or compostable. At best, well-meaning manufacturers have created a product ahead of its time. Once a 'Eco' cup is dropped into a commercial bin and forwarded to the local waste collection facility, there is no way present-day machinery can distinguish a "Eco Cup"from a shitty, non-recyclable cup, they all look the same, and are treated as such, straight into landfill. Until a massive infrastructure change is implemented at recycling plants across the country, no Eco friendly take away cup producer will be able to do what they are claiming to do. At worst, these companies are capitalising on the naivety of consumers who genuinely want to do the right thing. They have developed a product which appeases the eco-conscious consumer, without telling them what comes of it. When these cups are thrown out (Single Use), more need to be produced, and guess where they come from? Trees. Trees are being cut down to ensure these cups are made with virginal materials (Food handling requirements). There's a lot of over-engineering and over production going on and  at the end of the day.. Single Use Sucks, no matter how "Eco" the cup claims to be. Ignorance is Bliss, but Knowledge is power.

Now that you and I know just because a cup has a leaf on it, because a cup says it's bio-friendly, recyclable, or eco-friendly, it may well not be, we can make an informed decision. I am convinced the reusable cup is the best and only way forward for the sake of the planet. We can reuse, and therefore reduce our collective ecological footprint, having as massive personal impact for years to come.

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