Why do I have to enter my credit card details, if it’s free?

Our cups are designed to be continually used in circulation and not sit in your car or cupboard.

If you hold onto a cup longer then 30 days without using it (no scanning activity), you will be charged an overdue cup fee of $12.99 to cover the cost of the cup.

Don’t worry though, you will receive a reminder email after 15 days.

At any time you can check your cup activity in the ‘View my Cup’ section within the Green Caffeen app.

What happens if I don't scan a cup back within 30 days?

If you have a cup scanned out and not being used, after 30 days, you will be charged an overdue cup fee of $12.99 to cover the cost of the cup.

To avoid any fees a reminder email will be sent to you after 15 days.

What do I do if I can’t scan the scan sticker in the cafe?

In the event that your phone won’t scan the scan code sticker within the cafe, a manual code number is located at the bottom of the scan code.

You can enter this during the camera-scanning phase of the app. This will record your activity.

If this option is not available, you are required to submit a, ‘Scan Code Issue Report’ to Green Caffeen within 24 hours.

Scan code issue reports are located in the ‘About’ section of the Green Caffeen app.

What are the cups made from?

Green Caffeen cups are made in Australia. They are separable to aid in recycling and are made from BPA free Polypropylene which is the material of choice for food handling.

Who are Green Caffeen?

Green Caffeen is a start up business based in Kiama with a mission to save 1 million disposable coffee cups from landfill by the end of 2019. Co-founders Martin and Damien are local Kiama dads who want to leave the environment in good shape for their kids.

What if I lose my cup?

Report your lost cup to Green Caffeen as a soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge you a small fee ($12.99) to replace the cup, but are happy to discuss this with you if you feel the need.

What if my cup is damaged?

Return your damaged cup and lid to any participating Green Caffeen café. We collect the damaged cups and ensure they make their way to the appropriate recycling facility.

Can I buy a cup instead?

You can’t buy a single Green Caffeen cup because the cups remain the property of Green Caffeen.

What should I do with my cup after I finish my coffee?

You can return your dirty cup to any participating café. You can return the cup as soon as you finish your coffee or you can keep the cup with you and return it next time you order a coffee. If you hang on to it longer than 30 Days, but to aid us in keeping the Planet Clean, you will be charged a fee of $12.99. You can return your cup to any participating Green Caffeen café.

How many cups can I check out at one time?

You can check out two cups at any one time.

Can my kids be green?

Stayed tune ‘Little Frothers’ is coming.

What happens if the café runs out of cups?

The café owners should report low stock as soon as they can, sometimes the café may run out of cups sooner than planned. In this case our coffee customers should lets us know and we will make good by getting cups to the café within 24 hours. This is a unlikely event as the magic of technology keep everyone connected and on track.

Can I get my Green Caffeen Cup in a different size?

We only offer the 1 size cup, perfect for a standard Large or Medium Coffee or Hot Drink

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