Drink, swap, return, repeat!

What is Green Caffeen?

Green Caffeen is a swap and go reusable coffee cup system, that makes it easy to be green.

How does it work?

All you need to do is scan your Green Caffeen cup out before you takeaway, then scan it back in next time you’re in any café that’s joined the movement.

It’s just like when you borrow a book from the library – its free as long as you don’t keep it lying around for over a month.

Why do we need Green Caffeen when we can BYO?

Because we’re rubbish at remembering our reusable cups.

Most of us want to do the right thing, but remembering your reusable cup for every coffee is hard - you leave it at home or in your car, you forget to wash it...

With Green Caffeen, it couldn’t be easier to stop using throwaway cups and go green. The cups are always there at the counter when you need them.

What are the cups made from?

Our cups are made with FDA approved food-grade recycled plastic, which means they’re even greener than they look.

They’re also:

  • BPA free
  • 100% Australian made
  • Energy efficient to produce
  • Fully recyclable, when they eventually pack it in.

We’re proud to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Is it REALLY free? Why do I have to enter my credit card details?

It is. It’s like borrowing a library book – free as long as you bring it back.

If a cup doesn’t get returned within 30 days, a late cup fee of $12.99 is applied to cover the cost of the cup.

Don’t stress though, we send out a reminder about that, cos we’re not in business to sting people – just to save the planet.

What happens if I don't scan a cup back within 30 days?

If you don’t swap or drop your cup for 30 days, you’ll be charged the overdue cup fee of $12.99 to cover the cost of the cup.

To help keep all cups in circulation, we send out a reminder after 15 days of no activity.

How many cups can I check out at one time?

You can have 2 cups out at a time. So don’t stress if you’ve forgotten your cup, you’ve got another one in the cloud.

Why do I need to use the app every time? Can’t I just get a refill?

If you don’t use the app, we can’t tell if you’ve returned your cup. Avoid the hassle of an overdue cup fee and use the app every time.

This also helps us keep track of how many single-use cups we’re stopping.

What do I do if I can’t scan the scan sticker in the cafe?

If your phone won’t scan the scan code sticker, look for the manual code number at the bottom of the scan code.

Enter this code during the camera-scanning phase of the app. This will record your activity.

If this option isn’t available, you’ll need to submit a, ‘Scan Code Issue Report’ to Green Caffeen within 24 hours. Scan Code Issue Reports are in the ‘About’ section of the Green Caffeen app.

What should I do with my cup afterwards?

Go about your day and return the cup to any participating café within 30 days.

If you just want to drop your cup off, select ‘Drop & Run’ in the app, scan the Green Caffeen sticker on the counter and you’re good to go.

If you’re after another coffee, select ‘Swap & Go’, scan the sticker and await your fresh brew in a fresh cup.

What if my cup’s dirty?

Ew. Kidding, that’s cool – it’s all part of the service. Hand it over and it’ll get washed along with the rest of your café’s cups, glasses, plates and cutlery. No need to wait around for your cup to be washed.

What if I lose a cup?

Tell us (Green Caffeen) if you lost your cup as a soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge you a small fee ($12.99) to cover the cost of the cup but we’re happy to discuss this with you if you feel the need.

What if my cup is damaged?

Return your damaged cup and lid to any participating Green Caffeen café. We’ll make sure they make their way to the appropriate recycling facility.

Can I buy a cup instead?

You can’t buy a single Green Caffeen cup, because they’re not for sale. The point of Green Caffeen is to be there when we’re needed – when you’ve forgotten to BYO! The cups remain the property of Green Caffeen.

Do you have different sized cups?

We only offer the one size cup, which is perfect for a standard large or medium coffee or hot drink.

What happens if the café runs out of cups?

Café owners should report low stock as soon as they can, sometimes the café may run out of cups sooner than planned. In this case our coffee customers should let us know and we will make good by getting cups to the café within 24 hours. This is an unlikely event as the magic of technology keep everyone connected and on track.

Why are you hating on single-use cups?

Because they’re trash – in more ways than one. Most takeaway coffee cups aren’t recyclable because of their plastic lining, so in Australia over 1 billion of the buggers end up in landfill - or our oceans - each year.

Join now.

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