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You’re ready to tell the world you’ve partnered with Green Caffeen. But you also want to play it coooool. We get it. Here are the goods, designed to... get you started, get your community psyched, and get your name on every eco-conscious coffee lover’s lips. These post graphics, captions and stories explain the whole deal, and they’re tailor made for sharing. You’re welcome.

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Green Caffeen

Small Steps BIG IMPACT

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Green Caffeen

There's so much advice floating around on how to save the planet as part of your daily routine. If we’re honest, we were getting a little overwhelmed by it all until… we got wind of @greencaffeen – a FREE swap and go coffee cup scheme that’s all about stopping single-use plastic coffee cups at the source.

We’re into it because it makes it so so easy to be green every time you grab a coffee. You don’t have to remember your BYO cup every time! Simple, convenient, free. That’s what we like.

Will you take a small step with us so we can all make an epic impact? All you need to do is get the @greencaffeen app and:

  • 👉 Ask for your takeaway to go in a Green Caffeen cup
  • 👉 Tap ‘Grab, Swap or Drop’ in the app
  • 👉 Scan the Green Caffeen code sticker to check the cup out

You’ll be able to swap or drop at any participating cafe, but we know you’ll be coming back to us 😉


Green Caffeen

REUSING has never been

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…Or FREE-ER. We’re teaming up with @greencaffeen and their reusable, swap and go coffee cup scheme to make choosing to reuse EASIER, GREENIER, SMARTYER and SEXIER! Will you swagger with us? We’re on a mission to fight the good fight against waste, and soon we’ll be putting single-use coffee cups in our sights.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Green Caffeen is free for you, free for us, and awesome for the planet.

Download the app right now, cos we’re launching soon. If you’re wondering how it works, head over to @greencaffeen for more info, but trust us - it’s easy as. #greencaffeenteam

Green Caffeen

Let's change

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NEWSFLASH ⚡️ We’re changing the way we do takeaway by offering @greencaffeen’s SWAP and GO reusable cups as an eco-friendly alternative to the single-use cups that litter our shores.

Let’s stop single-use coffee cups at the source.

Download the @greencaffeen app, and you’ll be ready to go green when we do. #greencaffeenteam

Green Caffeen


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In 3, 2, 1… 😱 Get excited everybody! In just a few days, a new swap and go reusable cup system will be available at our place for takeaways…

This will make it easier than ever to

#ditchthedisposable 🌏

We’re thrilled to be part of this planet-loving initiative that’s sweeping the nation, and now our local area.

Thanks to @greencaffeen, it’s FREE for all 🙏🏽

Download the Green Caffeen app today, so you’ll be ready to go green with us!

Green Caffeen

Everybody's doing it

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Green Caffeen

Ready to do something for the planet with us? How ‘bout ditching disposable coffee cups? Soon, we’ll be adding @greencaffeen swap-and-go reusable coffee cups to our takeaway options, so you can just swap and go with a fresh reusable cup each time you take away. No need to remember to bring your own!

Download the app now so you’ll be ready to go green when we do. Too easy.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Yep, you're not being asked to buy a cup or sign up for anything complicated - it’s just like borrowing a library book. Smart, huh?


Green Caffeen

All about the cups

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Green Caffeen

Interested in taking out one of these swap-and-go beauties? We refer you to the @greencaffeen cup dating profile:

Recycled & Recyclable ♻️
The greenest of green cups, made with recycled material, sourced right here in Oz.

100% Australian made 🇦🇺
Brisbane born to be precise.

Clean as 🛀
Every Green Caffeen cup is commercially cleaned by your cafe, before hitting the town to do it all again.

Unsullied by BPA 🥤
They’re just not that kind of cup, OK?!

Also likes: pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Particularly ace at being part of the solution to pollution.

What’s not to love?

Download the Green Caffeen app and find a cup near you! #greencaffeenteam

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Green Caffeen

Green Caffeen - How it works

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Green Caffeen
Green Caffeen
Green Caffeen
How it works

Green Caffeen - How it works IG story

"It’s a really really simple and efficient system for consumers. Great for us as a business. But, most importantly, one way we can start to make some positive changes for the environment."

James White, Bourke Street Bakery

Join now.

Download the Green Caffeen app to get started!

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